Skinny Jean Gardener


25. The A-Maize-ing Podcast

This weeks A-Maize-ing podcast sees Lee and his family head to a maize maze and get lost amongst the days activities at Foxes Produce Farms, and finds out what actually goes into creating a maize maze.

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24. Doin' it for the kids!

In this episode we talk to teacher Matthew Johnstone about how we can bring gardening into education, what the UK government have planned and what Skinny Jean Gardener plans for 2018.

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This week myself and former guest and cousin Brooke, car share to Gnome Magic to experience a collection of over 800 gnomes. A new northern corespondent is introduced to the podcast in the form of Podcast Pete and tomato blight hits the patch alone with some entertainment news!

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The Incredible Comeback Podcast with Ben Brace


Its Back! After a few weeks off the WEEKEND TEA BREAK returns with the SKINNY JEAN GARDENER and mr BEN BRACE plus all the good stuff! Lets start with a 1 HOUR SPESH!!!

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Weekend Tea Break Gardening Podcast with Skinny Jean Gardener Returns on 1 September 2017 after a very short Summer break! We are back and want to invite more of you into this podcast family so come and Subscribe today!
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#21. The Six Week Break with Green-Fingered George


Garden Chit Chat with Green-fingered George of Blue Peter and the youngest RHS ambassador, plus the six week holiday begins and wow oh wow, ever attempted producing a podcast with a two year old? Find out the results here.. 

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#20 Leonie Cornelius


The Bloom Festival series continues this month as I got the chance to sit down in Leonie Cornelius show garden and talk design, gardens and Japan. Plus the usual WTB 'gold'!

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#BONUS. Olive & YouTube


In This BONUS podcast I look at the effects technology and Youtube has on our children, as I take an in depth look at what are our children really watching, and more importantly what should they be listening and watching to?

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#18. Bloom SPESH Part 1


Two podcasts for the price of one this weekend for The audio diary of my visit to Bloom in Dublin, heres part one of the Dublin adventure!

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#17. Shed- tastic


This weeks podcast is all about the humble shed.. what does it mean to us? what actually is a shed? Plus I turn my outdoor space into something special.. with some very subtle editing throughout the podcast!

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#16. Life at No. 27

This weeks Garden chat is with Annabelle from Life at No. 27, talking all things gardening and you tubing AND radio at BBC GWL Vegtrug stage

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#15B. Me, Me, Me. BONUS Podcast


Lee talks about his favourite subject, himself, while looking at the past, future and present of Skinny Jean Gardener.

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#15. Glens Garden Kitchen


All the good stuff PLUS Garden Chat with Glen Ball of Glens Garden Kitchen LIVE on Stage at BBC Gardeners World Live. If you want to find out more about Glen the check him out on Instagram, and if you get a chance please SUBSCRIBE and review! Thank you x

#14. Coffee SPESH Part 2

Part 2 of the Coffee SPESH returns with Melbourne Coffee Shop in Lichfield.. This will definitely make you change the way you think about going for a coffee in the future. Enjoy with a cuppa.. for this once it doesn't matter if its tea or coffee!

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#13. Coffee SPESH Part One

While Lee was in Lichfield he headed to Melbourne Coffee shop. tucked away down a small alleyway it was here he learnt all he could about the world of coffee and how its grown. 

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#12. Lichfield Home & Garden SPESH


Skinny Jean Gardner hits Lichfield for their first Home & Garden Festival, Seeing what Lichfield, the festivals and the surrounding areas have to offer, plus a small snippet from Lee's show and music from Jake O Scrimshaw. Enjoy, Like and SUBSCRIBE